Friday, August 23, 2019

The Wooden Design: Boards, Adventures, Roles

I've been tinkering on an extended game design project for...   Quite a while now.  The basic concept goes, in stages, like this:

1. Here's a bunch of modular game boards and pieces, arranged (and sold) in "playsets" so you can play a whole compilation of relatively abstract board games (things like Chess, Xianqui, Congo, Goro Goro Shogi, Amazons, and so on), with each set giving you a few games, and more if you pile more together.  Boards and pieces are abstract, simple, handmade, and characterful.

2. These games also just happen to give a toolkit of game... concept pieces (which, as of yesterday, I have started calling ludemes), which they share in various ways.  Most of them are from the same general family of games, or hybrids of cross-pollination.

3. If you pile together a few of these physical playsets, you have the pieces to play an adventure game in the style of Warhammer Quest / Descent / Gloomhaven...   Which uses the ludemes from the playsets to operate.  A minis-based adventure game where your warrior might have an analog to a "Knight move" and a "Bishop move".

4. And of course, said adventure game will then get roleplaying elements as something to add.

Aaaaaaaaanyway.  Having recently acquired a lathe and spun myself up some modular game pieces (Body+head+hat), I'm now in a position to start fabricating those playsets, and testing out variations on rules for the adventure game.
More on those, hopefully, quite soon.


  1. Beautiful. Keep your fingers !

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