This is a site filled with bits of game design for Tabletop Roleplaying games.  Tools to do prep with and to plug into your games, some chatter about the various things that go into making up a game, stuff like that.  The links at the page top here will take you to discussions on, and links to, various bits of gamestuff.

While you're reading them, it's recommended that you take ownership.  Treat these things as your own.  If I made it and put it here, then it's yours to mess with.  My own gaming work is public domain.  You can copy it, give it to friends, and make use of it in whatever way you see fit. Doing so isn’t rude, and it isn’t illegal.

This is the way it is because the I think we're all smarter together.  The greatest ability to build on one another’s work, to share, to develop better tools, come when the barriers to that sharing and building, that remixing and refiguring, are absent.

Please walk on the grass.